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The mirror brand for the sanitary trade. Apart from a considerable range of stackale mirrors Promiro offers a wide range of luminous mirrors. The demands of splash guard class IP44 are met thanks to the latest LED lighting technique. In addition to that, features such as mirror heating, integrated power sockets for razors or integrated television can be implemented.

The Raric Public Limited Company is a Swiss family business active in the area of import and distribution of fittings. Consciousness for value, innovative thinking and of course an outstanding customer service as well as efficient products have been ensuring a successful existence on the Swiss market for over 40 years.

The company is considered as market leader in the field of distribution of fittings for building services and industry, especially since all sizes from 1/8” up to 4” are available from stock in red brass, brass and Inox AISI 316. The company also distributes a broad, well-balanced range of other products, including ball valves, flanges, check and isolation valves and PE connections.

Long-standing cooperations with reliable production partners ensure not only short delivery times, but also a constant quality of goods. Regular tests guarantee the product safety.

The Raric Public Limited Company combines people and products with potential. A steadily growing clientele within the country as well as increasing successes in the field of export are proof of that. The company actively contributes to the market. Now as well as in future.

OMP S.p.A. For over 50 years OMP S.p.A. is an international well known company in the sanitary branch. The specialised field ist the manufacturing of traps and drain valves which are made out of high quality brass. For more than 30 years OMP is also producing traps made out of plastic, like PP, PeHD and ABS. At the time of changing century OMP began with manufacturing Design Product traps and also with shower and bath drain valves in order to complete their programm. OMP has to places of production in the Brescia region, the first steps of manufaction are made in Lumezzane (1.100 m²), the final steps and the plastic production were made in Bione (11.200 m²). Bione is also the place for Logistic and Administration.

OMP S.p.A. is managed by the Family Pasotti, Founder Giuseppina Gaioni with her 4 Sons.