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Founded in 1927 as an authorized dealer in the field of sanitation and heating, the company FRITZ OSTERMANN BOCHUM (FOB) represents well-known companies from Germany and Europe on the German market, especially the wholesale market.

With the invention of the soap dispenser type Seifomat® and its advancement the Fritz Ostermann Handelsgesellschaft was founded in 1968.

This step became necessary with the sale and distribution of the company’s own brand Seifomat® due to the expansion of this business area, the company moved from the city centre to the industrial area at the Rensingsstraße.

The Fritz Ostermann GmbH distributes the goods of the companies Raric (brass, red brass and stainless steel fittings), OMP S.p.A. (siphons and traps) and Promiro (decorative mirrors).